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Pipe Proving and Clearning Blockages & RRP

Dizza Communications have built our reputation on the ability to prove existing networks and eliminating the need for timely and expensive new construction.  We have been chosen countless times to clear pipes in difficult situations where other contractors simply couldn’t do the job. These include major roads and highways, heritage listed infrastructure and even major water way bridge crossings.

We pride ourselves on our low impact to the environment and our action plans which often avoid the need to disturb the surrounding environment with heavy machinery. We use non-destructive digging techniques which is a safe and friendly way to dig. Our vast experience working on the network gives us the ability to quickly find any problems with pipe and always fix it with little to no disruption.

Dizza Communications have successfully pipe proved over 1 million meters of pipe and saved our clients millions of dollars in new construction. Utilising existing network is not only financially the best option for our clients but also the safest and the most environmentally friendly option.

One of the milestones we are proud of is the successful proving across the Guildford River. This prevented a 6 month wait for approvals to build new network under the river due to its heritage listing. The client was able to stick to their delivery time and offer internet connections to the people it promised.

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