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Dizza Communications are a leading Australian company providing telecommunications contractor services throughout WA and beyond. We head a dedicated team of hard working cable contractors who put in an outstanding level of effort for every job to ensure it is completed efficiently and to the highest possible standard.

We are committed to delivering superb results for companies and organisations throughout the State by installing internal, underground and aerial telecommunications infrastructure for projects; even those at the most challenging end of the technical scale. No physical obstacle is too great for our team of cable contractors and the speed at which we work helps keep the cost down for all our clients. While we work quickly our staff will never compromise on quality so you can be rest assured the project meets every quality and safety standard.

At Dizza Communications we understand effective telecommunications are essential for the day to day operation of your business and if there is a failure of any kind, work may even cease to be possible. Without the ability to make calls or use the internet, some companies simply cannot make progress and every hour out of action directly translates as a loss of profits.

Thanks to our highly skilled telecommunications contractor team we can get your lines and business up and running in record time. We will put our rapid response mobile team of cable contractors into action to arrive on site and find a speedy solution to the problem.


We are proud of our fair pricing policy and will always provide a competitive quote for each project to ensure the work is affordable. If you require a quotation for our services simply call one of our friendly staff members to arrange a site visit and we can provide an obligation and cost free quote.


Our cable contractors can install additional phone lines for your business, establishment or residential complex. Dizza Communication’s team of telecommunication contractors are accustomed to working on a vast range of projects and we regularly assist hospitals, schools, universities, mining sites, retail outlets and large industrial complexes. Whatever your line of business, we are happy to assist.

“Dizza Communications are extremely proud of our reputation as an industry leader in cable contracting and we will always go above and beyond for our clients to guarantee project completion within deadlines for both time and budget,” Guy Deering, Dizza Communications Director.