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Dizza Communications has dedicated teams of haulers with many years of experience hauling all types of communications cables. We have all the tools and equipment to ensure our cable hauling is always completed as per the specifications required by the client. Dizza operates 3 cable winches all calibrated for hauling optic fibre cable as well as loads of necessary equipment including special Kevlar rope and the cable hauling slippers rollers and swivels.

We can haul large copper cables in addition to all types of fibre optic from long DFN trunk runs down to small 1F drop cables. Our teams average 2.5km of cable hauling each day which has seen Dizza Communications haul over 1,000,000 meters of cable.

A milestone we are proud of was the successful hauling across one of Mandurah’s major water way bridges which required us to run cable through the bridges cable tray system. This was indeed a challenge as the bridge stretches a long distance and there was very little space to park any machinery or vehicles. Our specialised teams worked closely with city councils and the water ways to make this happen. This enabled many Mandurah suburbs to connect to the NBN network.

Our Quality Assurance ensures our cable hauling is always neat with zero defects.


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