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mining telecommunications


We have been performing the installation of mining telecommunications and all high tech cabling for the resources and mining sectors for more than a decade. Our team of highly skilled staff members has grown significantly in recent years to cater to the demand in this area and we rely on that manpower, combined with our extensive range of high tech equipment to ensure every project runs smoothly.

An efficient telecommunications network is central to any mining and resources operation, which is why we take our work so seriously. We only use the best quality durable materials which will withstand the elements and test of time.  Our projects are professionally managed and we always remain within the pre-set budget and meet work deadlines. Our fast turnaround times are something we are extremely proud of and as part of our commitment to outstanding customer service we offer a follow up programme within our warranty.


Our Perth based team of mining telecommunications experts are reliable and punctual because we appreciate the fact your business is reliant on a system that is up and running as fast as possible. We operate in such a way as to minimise any disruption to your operation during our telecommunication installation. We also have state of the art equipment to offer onsite testing of existing systems with a fast diagnosis and affordable repairs.


Dizza Communications also offer maintenance programmes for mining telecommunications networks. By keeping on top of your system and allowing us to perform regular checks we can replace sections of cabling before they deteriorate and malfunction, prevented any unwanted disruption to your industry.

We are also able to provide effective mining telecommunications solutions for temporary sites where the network will only be required for a pre-determined period of time. In addition our technicians are accustomed to working in more challenging environments and are highly mobile with an ability to deploy to remote locations at short notice.

mining telecommunications