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University telecommunications


We have been installing, maintaining and repairing complex telecommunications systems in universities, schools, colleges and religious establishments for many years and thanks to our highly trained team of professional technicians we have completed an extensive range of projects within this realm.

Fast and effective university telecommunications networks are essential and without them business and studies cannot be completed efficiently, if at all. In this high tech world our heavy dependence on reliable internet and phone access means having a robust system in place is non-negotiable. This is why Dizza Communications prides itself on its reputation for not only installing the best telecommunications systems on the market but also for its follow up service which includes a rapid response to any temporary failures or glitches in the system.


We specialise in fibre optic infrastructure for both internal and external applications and can offer a complete solution at a price that is highly competitive in today’s market. Our high quality installation service is provided by a team of technicians who are committed to completing the work to the best possible standard with minimal if any disruption to your service. We are respectful of your school, college, university or religious establishment, complete the work quietly and always leave the site as tidy and clean as when we arrived.


Each project we work on is designed and installed to fully comply with Australian standards; AS3000, AS3080, AS3084, Australian Communications Standards; AS/ACIF S009:2013 as well as all other industry department standards. We have a superb track record for providing quality installations thanks to expert industry knowledge and ongoing training.

Our university telecommunications work is also thanks largely to our state of the art equipment because at Dizza Communications we believe if we are to offer the best service to our customers we must have access to the best equipment on the market. We also offer a warranty to the systems we install and as part of our service we provide a speedy response service should an issue arise.

University telecommunications