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Dizza Group Pty Ltd, known as Dizza Communications, is a leading turnkey provider of Australian telecommunications contracting services throughout Australia. It was established with the key focus of ensuring we consistently deliver a prompt, cost-effective service for our clients while never compromising on safety.

During our time in the industry we have built a solid reputation as a company that is proactive and can tackle a complex situation and turn it into effective turn-key solution for the client.

Dizza Communications firmly believe that “time equals money” and we are committed to delivering results within agreed time frames, more importantly Dizza strives to make sure the job is done right the first time to eliminate any wasted time need to return to the site to fix issues.



Humble Beginnings

Dizza Group Pty Ltd, known as Dizza Communications, had its humble beginnings in 2009 by offering services to the satellite and television platform. This saw us delivering Pay TV Arial installations, data cabling and smart wire cabling to homes and businesses and Dizza successfully completed over 9,500 connections all over Australia. We quickly became the number one contractor for BSA and then additionally became Skybridges preferred contractor due to our ability to complete projects on time and our outstanding quality of workmanship.

Analogue to Digital

With our positive reputation building within the telecommunications industry, Dizza Communications was contracted to help transform Australia’s television network from analogue to digital. The key to being selected for these projects was our flexibility and ability to react quickly to the client’s needs and then mobilise to any location within Australia. This project saw us delivering services to some of the remote islands off the coast of the Northern Territory. This was an important milestone in helping connect all Australians including the indigenous and Torres Strait island people and this saw our technicians working in very remote areas across Australia.

Connecting People

As technology began to shift and the beginnings of Australia’s super-fast broadband service had been deployed, Dizza Communications began training our staff to meet the increasing demand. We offered turn key solutions in connecting fibre to homes and business across the Perth Metro area as well as regional WA. Our clients included Service Stream, Downer EDI and TCS.

NBN Design Stage

Dizza Communications was selected as the preferred contractor by TCS to pre-scope and validate the Telstra network to utilise their cable ducts and infrastructure. This project saw us pipe proving and validating the placement of nodes for the FTTN design. We surveyed and placed over 1,000 nodes and pipe proved over 1 million meters of network all over Australia which meant we often travelled to many remote and regional parts of Australia where our technicians would be away for months at time.

NBN Construction Stage

After pipe proving and the validation of the Telstra network, Dizza Communications were chosen as a construction partner helping to build the NBN network for delivery partner Downer. We have worked closely with Downer EDI to ensure each of their SAMs can be delivered on schedule and defect free. Our ability to increase our workload and commit to large volumes of work with minimal notice from the client was an essential part of this partnership. In the 2 years we worked on this project with Downer EDI we have pipe proved over 300,000 metres by clearing blocked conduits and eliminating expensive new construction. Additionally, we have hauled over 1.2 million meters of cable and cut in on over 500 DPU’s.

With ever the changing technologies and increased demand to “be connected” Dizza Communications understand the importance of continuous growth and we are constantly looking for ways to expand our expertise by researching new ideas and opportunities and upskilling our workforce to ensure we are ready for the next big project.


dizza communications

Guy Deering

CEO and Founder

Guy started Dizza Communications back in 2009 where it quickly grew into a successful business.

Martin Koop

Operations Manager

With over 18 years in the Construction/Civil industry, Martin oversees Dizza operations.

dizza communications

Louis Grobbelaar

Hauling Supervisor

Louis currently leads the hauling team working hard to reach quotas safety and efficiently daily.

dizza communications

Michael Deering

Yard Operations Manager

Michael, Guy’s father, holds a very important role at Dizza Communications.

dizza communications

Darryn Ruge

Hauling Supervisor and
Copper Supervisor

Darryn has been working within the communications industry since 2010.

dizza communications

Chris Brown

RRP/Civils Supervisor &
Safety Officer

Chris is a “safety-first” focused field supervisor.